Analysis Of The Letter ' K ' S

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Character comes from overcoming adversity in life; without hardship there can be no growth. The way a conflict is handled defines who each person is and what matters to her the most. My personal disaster came on August 29, 2005 in the form of a hurricane-- deadly, surging, ravenous. Hurricane season kicked off the same for me as it had every year, a lot of false alarms and small storms struck in my area just outside of New Orleans. Occasionally there would be a storm threatening enough for my family to evacuate north into the heart of Cajun country, where my sister and I would spend a good portion of our three hour drive crudely laughing at jokes of which buildings would still be standing on our way back. We were young and had never seen the temperamental forces of nature at anything more wrathful than a stern warning. I was eight and had just begun third grade; I had no idea what the future would hold. I had no idea how much would change once the hurricane trackers reached the letter 'K '. I spent the days before Katrina the same as any other: going to school, exploring the swampland that was my own backyard, riding bikes with the neighborhood kids to our secret tire swing until it seemed like dinnertime. I did not know we were evacuating at all until two days before the storm hit. The day we left Slidell was August 28; I went straight from my best friend 's birthday party to a crowded interstate alphabetizing road signs for the next six hours. My sister and I…
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