Analysis Of The Letter ' Letter From A Slave Master ' By Thomas Auld

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Denaly McAlister Ms. McArdle English 1300.007 08 December 2015 Frederick Douglass “Letter to My Master, Thomas Auld” is a sentimental public letter addressed to Thomas Auld (Douglass’ former slave master) which is published by the North Star (abolitionist newspaper). Douglass’ objective of composing the letter was to display Thomas Auld’s harsh treatment as a slave owner. In the meantime, Douglass also writes the letter to help abolish slavery in the existing states by using his own personal experiences. Douglass applies many tones throughout the letter to allow his readers to feel sympathetic and make a connection. However, he places an emphasis on three types of tones such as: respect, frustration, and sarcasm. fix thesis To start off, Douglass begins by explaining his purpose of his letter to Thomas Auld. To make things clear from the get to, Douglass states that he does not want to be uncivil with Thomas Auld, but to only convince the country to abolish slavery with Thomas Auld’s wrongdoings and other monstrous slave owners. Furthermore, Douglass brings up some of the unethical actions Thomas Auld did; such as, “robbing” or even “murdering” (101). Throughout the letter, Douglass writes short stories about his awful experiences as a former slave to truly demonstrate his feelings. For instance, Douglass describes Thomas Auld’s barking orders to Douglass, [with his trembling voice] that was not to be forgotten which put great fear into Douglass (102). In other words,

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