Analysis Of The Letter ' Letter From The Holy Spirit '

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Letter to Utinger – This letter is Zwingli’s efforts of defending himself and dispelling false rumors about him having inappropriate relations with a daughter of a high official. After saying how he has taken a vow of celibacy and that studying theology and Scripture weakens any sensual desires, he does concede that he had relations with her in a time of temptation. So, he denies the rumors that he seduced her (and possibly raped her) and says that not only was the decision mutual, but also that the entire town of Einsiedeln knew about it and did not care. Of the Freedom of Choice in the Selection of Food – After some of his friends broke the Lent fast by eating some sausages, Zwingli used the opportunity to preach on this matter in 1522. He says that the decision to fast or not to fast does not matter, so long as Christians are given a choice to decide for themselves in the first place. His argument comes from the desire to listen and receive guidance from the Holy Spirit. Besides, he says, the fasting of Lent and other seasons is yet another form of works, and therefore does not matter in regards to salvation as only the grace of God can save a person. Petition to the Bishop of Constance – In light of his own relationship with Anna Reinhard and the fact that other members of the clergy are taking wives for themselves, Zwingli writes to the bishop to beg him not to oppose or interfere in the matter of married clergy. Vows of celibacy are for the very few, Zwingli
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