Analysis Of The Limbourg Brothers Herman, Paul And Jean De Limbourg

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Born in Nijmegen between 1385 and 1390, the Limbourg Brothers Herman, Paul and Jean de Limbourg were the sons of a wood-craver who unfortunately died when they were 10 years of age. Due to the lost, their mother sent them with his brother called Jean Malouel who was the most important painter for the French and Burgundian Court.
While living in France, Herman and John were apprenticed by a goldsmith in Paris. Reluctant to loose touch with their cultural Netherlandish roots, they were going back to Nijmegen to visit their mother but they were captured and became prisoners of war. Since the mother could not pay the ransom, Phillip the Bold paid it as a gratitude for al the dedication Malouel have had throughout all his years at the court.
When Phillip the Bold died, the bothers went to work for his Phillip’s brother, Jean Duke of Berry. The Duke of Berry was a notable patron, and art collector. He commissioned many works of art and among one of them was the most famous Book of Hours, the Très Riches Heures done by the Limbourg Brothers. This book of hours was richly decorated and illustrated symbols of piety and status of its patron the Duke of Berry.

An illustrated manuscript, has text supplemented with many decorations as margins, initials, miniature illustrations made with gold, silver and inspired in Western Traditions. Wealthy people commissioned them, and they provided prayers appropriate for each liturgical hour of the day. The process of illumination required

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