Analysis Of The Lincoln Electric Company

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Analysis of the Lincoln Electric Company Upon review of the Lincoln Electric Company case study conducted by Arthur Sharpish of Harvard University, I came to find that the culture within the company is what elevated Lincoln Electric above all other companies in that field. When analyzing the report I considered many aspects of the company in order to determine what exactly that separates Lincoln from their competition. First, I examined the ongoing influence that has been exerted by the founders of the company. Lincoln Electric was founded by James F. Lincoln at the turn of the 20th century. His influence in leadership and his approach toward the customer has stood the test of time. James believed that the success of his company lay with the customer and a motivated labor force. It is obvious that the customer 's interests, not the stockholder 's, should come first." In 1947 he said, "Care should be taken ... not to rivet attention on profit. Between 'How much do I get? ' and 'How do I make this better, cheaper, more useful? ' the difference is fundamental and decisive." (J, Lincoln) James valued customer satisfaction above all else, which inevitably led to the innovation and production of a great product that met the consumer’s needs. His views on employee retention continue to be a guide within the company. If fulfilling customer needs is the desired goal of the company then employee performance and productivity are the means by which this goal can best be achieved.
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