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In the essay ‘All’s Not Well in Land of “The Lion King”’, Margaret Lazarus details her interpretation of Disney’s “The Lion King.” While writing this essay, we discovered opinions on both the movie and her essay. After watching the movie and reading Lazurus’ essay, we were able to form a response to each of the points she made.
The first point Lazarus makes in her essay is that the concept of the circle of life is presented in a friendly manner. To begin the movie, a song called “The Circle of Life” is played while all the animals living in the Pride Lands gather around a rock to see Mufasa’s son for the first time. The animals include zebras, monkeys, giraffes, birds, etc. and most of which are considered a lion’s prey. The lyrics seem to indicate that the animals are content with this process. The three of us agree that the portrayal of the concept of the circle of life is presented strangely harmonious considering it involves the death of some creatures and survival of others. In reality, it is highly unlikely for prey and predators to peacefully come together to honor a lion cub. Rather, the prey would steer clear of those threatening its life. We understand that the circle of life is real process that takes place, but in “The Lion King”, it is presented in a unique way.
The next point the author makes is that the hyenas seem to live in a place similar to the ghetto and they have an “inner-city” dialect. The hyenas live in a dark and spooky graveyard outside of the

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