Analysis Of ' The Little Princess '

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Burnett’s The Little Princess constructs the child as being feminine, motherly, polite, and rich as the ideal princess should be. Nonetheless, Sara is also given a great imagination which is unlike other princesses, and allows her to escape the conflicts she comes across; in her portrayal of The Little Princess Burnett’s idea of a child being subjected to isolation and left to provide for herself is dealt with through the use of Sara’s imagination. The Hunger Games takes a distinct approach, rather than demonstrating an ideal princess that must survive by providing for herself by using her imagination, Collins displays a strong and independent girl who must kill and gain knowledge about the world she live in to survive. The shift in contemporary literature demonstrates that in today’s society a woman can do more than just be beautiful, and have a the brains to care for a male; A girl can also be physically strong, independent, and provide for herself and others. Both the texts reflect different ideas of the actions a child is obligated to take in order to remain alive. Additionally, both texts generate different ideas about the ideal young lady and the traits they were expected to poses at the time. The Little Princess was initially a play that was written in the golden age of children’s literature, a time when authors focused on gender differences. Durning this time period one can infer that social class and race were important. Social class because Sara does her best
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