Analysis Of The Locket

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In the story The Locket, Edmond the lover of Octavie, and son of Judge Piller, goes off to war. Edmond is given a locket from Octavie before he goes to war. During the war a priest is going over dead bodies and finds the locket. He sends it to Octavie. When she see this she instantly comes to the conclusion that Edmond is dead. Sometime later Judge Piller gives Octavie a weird speech about miracles. Judge Piller knew Edmond was ok and home waiting for Octavie. Apparently a soldier stole Edmond's locket and they then live happily ever after. I was surprised and happy with the ending. When the priest found the locket on the dead soldiers body, I assumed it was Edmond's. Some soldiers die in battle and I thought this
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