Analysis Of The Long Time Sony Corporation Co Founder

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Akio Morita Akio Morita, the long time Sony Corporation co-founder was a very unique man. He accomplished so much in his 78 years of life. He was the co-founder of one of the most successful consumer electronic companies. He also is known for opening the gates for Japan sales in the United States.
Akio Morita was born January 26, 1921. He was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. He was the son of sake brewers. His family’s business is known to have been around for over 15 generations, at the time was currently owned by his father. This is where Akio got his first taste of business. Akio was raised on the intentions to one day take over for his father. Akio often sat in on important business meetings during holiday vacations. Akio became
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In the basement of what was know as a department store, they began to make Japan’s first tape recorder. May 7th, 1946 Morita and Ibuka co-founded the father of Sony, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. Their company started out with only 20 employees, and worth $500.00. He was soon named managing director, and then in 1950 named senior manager director. In the mid fifties, they succeeded and released the very first magnetic tape recorder in Japan. It was built based off of a model that was sent to japan by Americans. Akio was only 25 years old, and Masaru was 38 years old. Sales remained low for this electronic device until, his partner Masaru, “accidentally found a military book called Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Uses of the Tape Recorder. Once translated in Japanese it became a very helpful marketing tool. They began selling so many tape recorder that they had to move. The tape recorder was an amazing tool but lacked sound quality. Akio invited the writer of many helpful criticism letters, Norio Ohga, to help assist in the improvement project of the recorder. The recorder’s quality improved greatly. In 1955 they introduced a radio called Sony, latin for sound. Sales were great for this product due to only a few months before the radios release, they were introduced to the United States by an electric firm called Regency Electronics. Selling to Japan and America helped increase the sale potential due to America’s good
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