Analysis Of ' The Lord Jesus Christ '

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Jurgen Moltmann a prophet of the eschatological, he taught on the hope of a new beginning based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He was captured in the mid -forties as a prisoner. This result changed his faith in a more of a hope to seek God in a more perspective way. Wolf Pannenberg started his theology life at an early age, at seventeen he sought more about on his faith, thus, he ran across a book of Friedrich Nietzsche’s an atheist. He soon found himself being transformed in his faith, by a supernatural light from above, this has giving him a different perspective of hope and faith. These two men of faith had changed, from the neo-orthodoxy rule of supreme where they were non-evangelical Protestantism, in the 20s until the 60s. In this paper I will discuss the contrasting and comparing and more of their hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Jurgen Moltmann He was born in Germany in 1926 and raised as a liberal Protestant, he sought to learn from other theologian rather than the Bible, such as Goethe and Nietzsche (atheist) theologian’s (Grenz & Olson, 1992). For Moltmann, Christian hope cannot be separated from the God who gives this hope in the promise (Harvie, 2014). This hope must continue to receive a clear understanding on a more, larger scale of acceptance. If God is the source that gives hope to mankind, then mankind must embrace him with a larger scale of acceptance. For, Moltmann hope is entrusted directly to God in the freedom and faithfulness, that who
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