Analysis Of The Lost Colony Of Roanoke

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The colony of Roanoke is generally known as England’s first attempt to begin a civilized and stable colony in the unexplored parts of earth known as the New World. Sadly, the plan to colonize Roanoke Island didn’t go exactly as the British planned. The colonists had high hopes to find new things to take back to England to make profit off of and be the first to obtain life in the New World. Things started off well for the new colony, but the colonists began to have issues with the new people they had discovered on the island known as the Croatan and Secotan Indian’s. After multiple attempts of trying to succeed at living a sustainable life in the New World the colony of Roanoke failed to exist when John White returned to the colony in 1590 and found not a single soul on the island. No one to this day is quite sure what happened to the remaining colonist’s that were last seen on the island before John White left or any of the two Indian tribe’s that had once lived there. The article I selected, “America’s Lost Colony: Can New Dig Solve Mystery?” by Willie Drye from National Geographic News, discusses the story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke and the recent clues that have been found that could support several different theories of what happened to the colony. Drye starts by giving readers a little background information about how England hoped to find new things to bring back and trade as well as to create a stable colony in the New World back in the 1580s and 90s. Today the
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