Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Response to “The Lottery” By Shirley Jackson
Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” is a well-known short story that tells a story about an event that happened in a small farming community and how it reflects on her version of not everything is as it seems. With this she is able to reflect on this communities reasoning for holding an annual lottery as if it were a ritual each year all the while leading up to something sinister or amidst among this so called tight net community. In the beginning, I thought that Jackson was telling a story of a community who had been excited that one of their own in the past had won the lottery and was using June 27th each year to celebrate with and each of its citizens having their own role to play. The story began by doting on how it was a clear and warm summer day whilst the flowers were in full bloom then it jumped right to setting the tone of the story by talking about how each part of the town’s people began playing their roles. First, the children were assembled and the mentioning of them gathering stones. Then the men and women were gathered as they addressed their focus on the corner area where the stones were being piled. (Jackson) This is when I began to realize something was not right and having the feeling of being unaware of beginning of the story instead of at the end. Asking myself why would these people be gathering in town square and why were stones being collected and for what reason because winning the lottery to me brings
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