Analysis Of ' The Maker 's Eye ' By Donald Murray

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Quality and Communication When it comes to critical thinking, reading and writing are two factors that deal with the critical thinking process. A few key aspects of critical reading and writing are identifying the tone in ones writing, how to throughly read and annotate a text, and the revision process. In the essay, “The Maker’s Eye”, Donald Murray explains how the attitude of a writer, listening to what readers have to say and how to edit your own writing makes your work better when critically thinking in college. These aspects of critical thinking, reading and writing make will keep the reader interested and make the writing easier to translate when read. As a writer is writing they must critically think of how they want readers to react to their writing. Although the understanding of the writing might be clear a writer should consider that “the aim of writing is communication, not just self-expression” (Murray). A reader can not look into the writers head and understand what they are trying to convey, with that being said, the authors tone in their writing is a huge factor in critical thinking. Since a piece of writing must have a certain tone “writers must hear and respect their own voice” (Murray). I struggle with this because I often have a hard time believing in my own quality of writing. Hearing and respecting your own voice is important because it can help you improve your own writing. Constructive criticism will also help a writer create a better piece of
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