Analysis Of The Mccord Museum Of Canadian History

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Canada is a multicultural nation whose population was vastly built through the immigration of peoples from around the world. The McCord Museum of Canadian History explores Canada’s multiculturalism through several exhibits. The museum was brought to life by David Ross McCord who wished to “shed light on the history and cultures of his country and thus bring its people together.” The Museum features several exhibits which are physically available at the museum, and some of which are available online. One of the online exhibits entitled Being Irish O’Quebec explores the impact in which Irish culture has had on the province of Quebec from past to present. Many years ago, Irish people departed from their home country to escape difficult times and find a bright future in Canada. Many of the Irish immigrants settled into the colony of New France, which is now known as the Canadian province Quebec. The Being Irish O’Quebec Exhibit at McCord Museum pushes the idea that the Irish are one of the most significant ethnic groups in Quebec, both in the way of numbers and historical impact. The Exhibit depicts Irish immigration to Quebec using artifacts and images. These artifacts and images as well as the information that comes along with them demonstrate the struggles and successes of the Irish peoples at this time. The Being Irish O’Quebec Exhibit’s main argument is that the Irish had a major contribution to Quebec’s identity as a province. The Exhibit claims that the Irish are
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