Analysis Of The Memo On The American Advertising Agency Network

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This memo comprises a detail summary of BBDO, which is a major American advertising agency network. The memo serves a purpose of providing a clear understanding of the factors that result in its large-scale size and vast recognition by the public. In order to identify its role and impact on the American and global advertising industry, the memo will focus on 5 sections summary of BBDO, which is its history, general profile, areas of specialty, key advertising campaigns, and important contributions.


BBDO originated in 1928 by the consolidation of two advertising agencies in New York, which were the Batten Company founded in 1981 and Barton, Durstine & Osborn, known as BDO founded in 1919. BBDO was named after the founders. Although the first letter of BBDO was named after Batten, he passed away in 1918 before BBDO was founded. William John, who was Batten 's assistant and the head of agency became the president of Batten Co. after Batten died. During the 1920s, Batten Co. and BDO were considered the top country 's leading agencies. In 1927, BDO moved in the building that was occupied by the Batten Company. In 1928, both agencies announced their consolidation, which became BBDO.1

BBDO continued to grow in its size domestically and internationally despite experienced different administrative periods. It had grown into a big network of agencies and renamed BBDO Worldwide in 1986.2 However, since competition among giant advertising agencies was rising, BBDO and two…
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