Analysis Of ' The Metamorphosis '

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Analysis of the Metamorphosis The Metamorphosis can be analyzed in many different ways. One way that could be looked into is why exactly Gregor is turned into an insect. There are many things that he could have changed into, like a monkey or a bird for example. But Kafka makes it obvious that Gregor is a bug although he never says what kind. Bugs can be, more or less, controlled, considered useless, and gross. To call a person a bug means they can bend easily to another’s will and are expendable. Gregor should have been on the five o’clock train but since he misses it he thinks about how the massagers would have been waiting for the same train and noticed that Gregor wasn’t there that he would have gone to tell someone directly. While he was still trying to get up a few hours later he noted that someone would be coming soon to check on him and at that moment the doorbell rings to revealed that the office manager himself has come to Gergor’s house. This shows that there are many people in his office that watch his every move, and can even cause him to be fired just because he doesn’t show up to work one day. The office manager tries to make Gregor feel guilty about staying in room and making his parents worry about him, all to get Gregor to go to work. But as soon as Gregor shows himself the office manager backs away and leaves. Telling the whole family right away that he has lost his job. Although, for the past five years Gregor has been taking care of his family on his
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