Analysis Of The Miami VA Healthcare System

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The Miami VA Healthcare System has an advanced food production system. The Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) uses a cook-chill system using a blast chiller. Meals are prepared three days in advance. The menu used at the Miami VA is a three-week cycle menu that has been used for many years for the production of patient meals. Cycle menus that are long enough help to increase patient satisfaction by avoiding repetitive meals. Services offered at the Miami VA include a Community Living Center (CLC), where most patients’ length of stay is over a year (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, n.d.). Due to patients’ longer length of stay, NFS offers a buffet service every Monday for CLC patients. One of my tasks when working with the CLC dietitian …show more content…

The percentage participation was accounted by getting the percentage of participation out of the census of CLC patients on each date the buffet menu was offered. The attendance and percentage were accounted for 7 different days and seven different meals. The tables and graph confirm that participation has been satisfactory with most dates above 50% participation (Appendix A). At the end of the buffet, patient satisfaction surveys are handed out to the patients to get their feedback on taste, appearance, variety, temperature (hot/cold), food served in a timely manner, courtesy, understanding of their diet and overall food quality. The dates the survey was done is on the top and on the left side is the Likert scaling used to survey the patients followed by the results (Appendix B).
Likewise, the same survey was used to conduct meal rounds to assess food quality and patient acceptance during three different meal periods for three different diets in the 11AB Surgical Ward. The evaluation included three diets: a puree diet, 2.5-gram sodium diet and a VHA regular diet. It seemed that most of the patients understood why they required each one of the diets. However, most of them wanted their food with more flavor and more salt. The eating and feeding concern at CLC is the ability of the patients to get any foods they want from outside restaurants or family members. It is

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