Analysis Of The Militarization Of Today 's Police Departments

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The Militarization of today’s Police Departments, is this a catchy phrase or is this a serious problem that all of America should be concerned with? If one has been watching CNN or FOX news over the past year, one would believe that the police have taken siege over the cities with armored personnel carriers and 50 caliber sniper rifles. The recent events in Missouri, California and Arizona as likely fueled these concerns. Violent confrontations with police officers and citizens have always engulfed emotions. Therefore, the challenge to separate emotions from logic is extremely difficult. However, there is a history on this topic, one of which that has not been clearly explained during this chaos, moreover, law enforcement was forged from the military and many of the core values followed such as courage, honor, sacrifice and of course nobility. Law enforcement was derived from the military both in structure and values, it appears that a portion of the media wants the public to believe that law enforcement has transformed into “Rambo Cops”. Furthermore, the media also insinuates that there is something fundamentally wrong with the military, and any resemblance of such is also wrong. Radley Balko, an author, with The Washington Post, wrote an article titled “Rise Of The Warrior Cop”, which was published in The Wall Street Journal. The author writes a very descriptive review of several cases that went awry during tactical operations, furthermore, the author attempts to…
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