Analysis Of ' The Miller 's Tale ' And ' It A Whole New Spin '

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Over time, as new writers come to the surface many of them will reinvent past works. Some will put their own spin on it, and some will leave it the same and only make minor changes. This recreation of past works can be called an inter-text, or a text drawn from or related to another text. Baba Brinkman, a young Canadian, created the perfect example of this. Baba Brinkman took Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Miller’s Tale” and gave it a whole new spin. Brinkman took Chaucer’s old and archaic tale and twisted it into a modern rap that many people could relate to and understand. In Brinkman’s version, “It’s Miller Time,” he left the broad outline of the poem the same, but for readers that were expecting a word-for-word or line-for-line replica of…show more content…
Absolon still “ran quickly to this blacksmith he knew” to get a hot poker, but Brinkman never gives him a name in his rap. The absence of his name does not change or affect the flow of the story. Brinkman also chose to leave out that John was from Oxford and that he was a carpenter. A lot of the small details that Chaucer put in, Brinkman simple left them out. He condensed the broad storyline into a 188-line rap. These changes in structure allow the reader to focus on the important details of the poem, instead of getting caught up in the minor details that do not have any meaning. The condensed version is easier to understand, but readers still get the main storyline that Chaucer wrote. Second, Brinkman’s rap does not take place in a medieval time period. Brinkman’s version of “The Miller’s Tale” has no set city, town, or any kind of location. Readers would assume that it would be set in some medieval time period since Chaucer’s was, but Brinkman uses several words that suggest otherwise. In line seven of his rap he states “Cost of living; without a dollar he lived as an Astrologist,” the word “dollar” rules out the assumption that it is set in a medieval time period. During medieval times in England, the currency was pounds. The dollar was not in existence until the 1700s, which makes it impossible for Brinkman’s rap to be set in medieval times. Brinkman says Nicholas got “scholarships” in line five, but

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