Analysis Of The Miracle Worker

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Arnisa Bufaj Analysis Questions – The Miracle Worker Act 1 – Pages 5-47 1. Kate discovers that h;+e.r baby is in disability to see or hear when Helen began to cry and she was trying to take care of her. She moved her fingers in front of Helen's eyes and then desperately moved her hand in search of a reaction, but she got no response. 2. When Martha removes Helen’s hands from her biting mouth, Helen reacted in a physical manner. For instance, it states “Helen topples Martha on her back, knees pinning her shoulders down, and grabs the scissors, Martha screams” (Gibson 9). This quote shows how out of control Helen has gotten. It shows the lack of discipline she receives because of how she doesn’t have any manners whatsoever. 3. The family does not compensate Helen’s affliction in an altruistic (1) approach, even though they think they are. They conciliate (2) her by giving Helen candy every time she starts acting up. This leads to her misbehaving often proving that this isn’t the best option in dealing with her. 4. Captain Keller was not easy to persuade into contacting the oculist. He finally agrees to write the letter after Katie won’t stop asking and shows that she believes in miracles happening. For example, Captain Keller, after being asked many times stated “ [presently, heavily]: I’ll write the man, Katie” (Gibson 16). In the quote, where it said ‘presently, heavily’ it shows the way Keller responded, which was pretty reluctant. His possible motivation

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