Analysis Of The Moon Lady By Amy Tan

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There’s a lots of questions for us to think about after finish this book and what we still questioning about that the myth that Amy Tan has left behind. In her story “The Moon Lady” from The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan shows the woman’s role and loneliness through the character Moon Lady, here’s the question. Why does Amy Tan demonstrates all these through Moon Lady and not any other female characters from Chinese myths or legends? Moon Lady were the reflection of Ying-Ying. Despite the fact that the story of Yin-Ying St. Clair kept her truth nature hidden while she raising her daughter, which shows how the mother and daughter relationship were getting further and pulling apart. In the other hand, Moon Lady was forever separated from her love one. The story “The Moon Lady” is about a Chinese mother named Ying-Ying who kept her truth nature hidden until the day she realize she has no connecting point with her daughter. From the day of the moon festival when she’s young, she did not get found and her family has lost her and she has never been found. According to “ The Moon Lady”, it has stated “Even though I did not understand her entire story, I understood her grief. In one small moment, we had both lost the world, and there was no was to get it back.” This shows the story of Moon Lady has resonated with Ying-ying’s story, she found out that they were similar and they are the same kind. Yet Moon Lady’s resonated with her story, so by the time she heard the man announced that moon lady has consented to grant one secret wish to each person there. Ying-ying was the only one who’s so excited about the wish that the Moon Lady promised, but as soon as the Moon Lady looked at Ying-ying and became a man. Even though, she was found by her family, she never believed she was the same girl. “ The same innocence, trust, and restlessness, the wonder, fear, and loneliness. How I lost myself. The same things were happening over and over, she was stuck in the cycle of repeating and she can never get out form the cycle. Finally, Ying-ying does not share what happened on that day and kept the secret until she dead. We are then introduced Moon Lady, a character that appears in the Chinese legend, according to the Chinese myth,

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