Analysis Of The Movie ' 12 Angry Man '

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Humans have been fighting for a equality among each other for the longest time, and fight is still going on. The right for equality might sound good, but there is catch. Figure A shows two similar picture compared side by side. The main idea of the picture is the difference between equality and justice. Mrs. Foster, a government teacher, once said “Law without enforcement is just suggestion.” It is true that equality is important for citizens, but there is no point of publishing equality law without enforcing the law. The justice system is a way to enforce the law. 12 Angry Man is a movie about a jury that decides on the fate of teenage boy. The jury in the movie is a similar presentation of the the figure. The boy was given the right to a fair trial, but that does not mean it was enforced. During the the deliberation, every jury voted guilty except one: Juror Eight was only person who voted not guilty. Juror Eight came into the room with uncertainty. Then uncertainty sparked much debate about a verdict in the room . Overall Juror Eight and Juror Nine illustrate key traits of good citizenship while enforcing the equality to pursue justice: uncertainty, curiosity, and reasoning. The Bill of Rights was first introduced to United States of America after the American Revolution. The Bill of Rights consists of ten amendments for equal and justice treatment. In reality not everyone was equal. Martin Luther King Jr, a civil rights activist, was once jailed in Birmingham for…

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