Analysis Of The Movie ' 12 Angry Men '

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12 Angry Men Overview In the movie of 12 Angry Men, a group of jurors must decide the fate of an inner-city boy, who is charged with killing his father. The case should have been a slam dunk, yet one man (Juror No. 8) in the initial vote cast reasonable doubt over the evidence of the trial. While deliberating their verdict, the details are revealed. Subsequently, the jurors slowly changed their vote to innocent on the basis of doubt. Despite their duty to separate personal matters from the facts, the jurors complicate their decisions with stereotypes, past experiences, and opinions. Although they were faced with different perspectives, the men came together to a unanimous consensus.
I. The Formation of a Team
In the formation of the jurors, the lawyers selected twelve men to integrate varying perspectives with the intention of finding an unbiased verdict. These men came from different walks of life to create a cross-functional team to sort through the evidence given by both the defendant and prosecution parties. The jurors were coaches, salesmen, stock brokers, craftsmen, architects, and businessmen. During the case, these men took notes and made conclusions that would affect a boy’s life. With the burden of reasonable doubt from one juror, the team began to dispute this man’s claim of innocent.
II. Emotional Tension amongst Members
The jurors tried to talk Juror No. 8 into going with the majority, but he felt the boy deserved a right to fair trial. Thus, the group

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