Analysis Of The Movie ' 12 Years A Slave '

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12 Years a Slave
Change can sometimes be overwhelming for those who are used to being where they have been for a while. Change can be beneficial or it can be horribly uncomfortable to adjust to. Change can come through the minds that want a difference and it can also be forced upon someone like a hurricane or an unapproved marriage. One fact about change is that no matter how hard one tries to avoid it, it will eventually happen and there is nothing he/ she can do about it. It’s unavoidable. Sometimes certain events happen that is beyond a person’s control. This is especially true for black men around the time of slavery. The movie “12 Years a Slave” surrounds the theme of change and how getting acclimated to the environment of a different society is necessary and how change is inevitable especially when it comes to consequences like beatings, separation, and death.
From being treated with respect to being treated like a mule, Solomon, the main character, learns that his actions and strong mindset earn him lashings and beatings. In other black movies, like “Boyz in the Hood”, this attitude is also portrayed. As long as that person doesn’t cause any trouble, he/ she is safe. If that person steps out of line, they would “get what’s coming to them”. In “12 Years A Slave”, the white man in charge would use that same mindset to strike fear into the hearts of those who thought they could be ‘slick’, disobey, or refuse to follow instructions from them. When Solomon resisted and…
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