Analysis Of The Movie ' 8 Mile '

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As I walked down the street, people starred. I felt like I stood out. I had on a simple pair of blue shorts, a long-sleeved black and blue shirt, and teal and black Vans. My shirt had been tucked in, and my phone in my hand. I crossed the street and walked into the book store. I was looking for a new book to read, possibly a teen fiction book or simply a movie to watch. ~~~ After 10 minutes of searching; I finally found a book written by one of my favorite writers. I saw the movie "8 mile". My favorite hip-hop & rap artist starred in it, Eminem. I was grabbing the last copy, but a guy beat me to it. "Ohh!" he exclaimed. "You can have it love" "Ohh, no. You had it first, take it. Here, I 'll give you my number. After your done watching it, call me!" I offered. "Sure, here" he chuckled, then gave me his phone. I put in my phone number and my name. "Cambree Williams; Bookstore girl" he read. "Cute, I 'm Trevor! It 's nice to meet you Cammie" He left after he paid for the movie. I paid for my book and left. ~~~ I entered my new home, hearing the younger half siblings fighting in the basement. "I 'm home Janice" I coldly stated. I walked into my bedroom. My bags were by my door and my room was huge. I had a queen sized bed, walk in closer, a bathroom, dresser, nightstand, and a lot of extra space. I started unpacking, hanging up my shirts and dresses; folding and putting away my jeans/shorts/jeggings; and putting away my extra things. ~~~ I started going to school,
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