Analysis Of The Movie ' A Better Life '

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For many years, the United States has been the destination for a variety of immigrants. Undoubtedly, the majority of immigrants that seek lives within the U.S borders are from Mexico and most often embark on the journey to states in the Southwest such as Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and California. “A Better Life” takes place in East Los Angeles, California and tells the story of an undocumented man named Carlos, who has to struggle with the obstacles that come along with being illegal. The director, Chris Wietz, established a film that not only shined light on such a talked about controversy and the issues surrounding it, but also presented it from the perspective of someone who has to fight the system on a daily basis. In this review, I will touch upon the symbolism within the film, and the theme of hardships of immigrants.
Throughout the film of “A Better Life” there were distinct symbols that were of vital importance to the main characters. To begin with, the two main conflicts seen during the film deal were the avoidance of law enforcement and money; both symbols in which exemplify good and bad aspects. To a person possessing U.S citizenship, the police are a means of justice and security for the community and are relied on to perform crucial services. However, to Carlos and Luis, law enforcement officers represent danger and the possibility of being deported. As a result, Carlos and Luis cannot run to the police when they are most desired. An example of this…

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