Analysis Of The Movie ' A One Word Reaction On The Film ' Devastating '

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1.Give a One-Word Reaction to the Film.

Devastating 2. While this film does a good job at highlighting various problems, there is a lack of discussion on solutions. What ideas do you have for a solution? Well, one idea that pops into my head is to have water meters in all homes. Of course, provide a sufficient amount of water for the family living in the home to all the necessary daily needs. The water amount given would be decided on the amount of people living in each home. Once they use the amount given and have to use more water there should be a fee for the amount used. It should be calculated and different parts. If any family uses a lot water than others they should be charged a higher amount. The money collected from the over usage of water should be used to help other countries, not for the benefit of the state, government, or federal. This shouldn’t be seen as a form of punishment but of way to help people understand that water is valuable and hard to replace one it’s gone. There’s a lot of people around the world that don’t have the luxury to just open up the water fossit to take a shower, wash there hands and so this is a great form to retrain everyone on only using when it’s needed and to stop the over usage of wasting water. A brilliant man with very powerful words said on the video “Without water we have nothing, without water we have no life, we have no culture, we have no sociality we have no economy, without water the earth wouldn’t be what it is” and…

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