Analysis Of The Movie ' Allegiant '

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Have you ever read a book, and then watched the movie based off the book and realized that the movie was completely different from the book? This is what happened to the third movie in the Divergent series, Allegiant. This was not a complete surprise, with Insurgent, the second movie of the series, being a little off, but fans were not expecting a whole different story. Although it has an amazing cast Allegiant in the Divergent series, is frustrating for many teenagers and young adults who have read the books because the screenwriters for the movie did not follow a lot of the book’s original story. Some of the changed elements included missing characters, changed and missing scenes, relationships and points of view. Warning, there will be spoilers. Throughout the Divergent series, the readers and film watchers follow Tris as she finds out she is “divergent.” Divergent is defined as people who display an aptitude for multiple groups or cliques within the larger population (GradeSaver). She has to conform to society to make it look like she is not a divergent, even though the leadership quickly realizes she is different. Allegiant is the third and final, at least in the books, part of the Divergent series. It is a continuation of a story where Tris escapes with Four, Tris’ boyfriend, to journey beyond the wall that enclosed their city of Chicago from the rest of the world. Once outside the wall, they discovered and learned new truths about the outside world. One of the things

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