Analysis Of The Movie ' Amazing Grace ' At A Rally '

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Maggie Lauterer was an “everyday (wo)man” and Democrat from North Carolina who ran for Congress in 1994. She was the first woman to run for Congress from her district. In her town she was a well-known newscaster. She was asked to run by democratic leaders in her district. They wanted to use her popularity to get into Congress. The video contains many of what seem to be her campaign videos, which were taken from her home with her family or while she was doing regular household chores, while talking about her political views. It also includes her talking to the citizens about issues like gun control. She also sings “Amazing Grace” at a rally.
A good deal of the video consist of Maggie talking about how she wants to campaign, her beliefs, and her strategies. There are also interviews from her campaign manager talking about the crazy things she keeps doing and how the people are reacting to her. Lastly, citizens are interviewed on their opinions of Maggie.
Maggie’s competition, Charles Taylor, has already been in Congress two years as a Republican. He outs out smear videos about Maggie, telling how she is pro-abortion and wants the government to control everything. Unlike Taylor, Maggie had no political experience. As outsider in the political world, Maggie uses her heritage, her family having lived in the North Carolina Mountains for seven generations, as a big part of her campaign.
Maggie has a hard time getting money for her campaign. She starts by calling citizens, but…

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