Analysis Of The Movie ' American Sniper '

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The opening scene of the movie American Sniper, “which tells the story of Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who shot his way to 160 confirmed kills in Iraq,” (Buckley) starts out when Chris Kyle was just a child and him and his father are out in the forest shooting deer and him beating up a bully who was picking on his little brother at school. Later on into Kyle 's young adulthood he made a decision to quit being a cowboy rodeo star and instead enlist with the Navy SEALS in 1998. During this time Kyle meets his future wife. Then, once after the trauma of 9/11, the war in Iraq puts Kyle to work as a sharpshooter, and the film shows his skills as frightening and strange. From this point, the arc of the film essentially follows Kyle across his missions as a sniper. An important element of the plot is his face-off with an enemy sniper Mustafa, A Syrian sniper who was a former Olympian rifleman, who Kyle does manage to take out near the end of the film. Kyle was shot and killed later on by a veteran who he was actually trying to help. Even though every Iraq citizen isn 't a terrorist, American Sniper should be known for its stereotypes against race because the invisible norm of the white dominant culture and the display of the male body, white males in particular. Also to add to that the movie is showing the masculine spectacle and its collapse by portraying Iraq and how all they want to do is kill Americans.

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The invisible norm in the movie American Sniper shows the frequent…

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