Analysis Of The Movie ' American Sniper '

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U.S. Navy SEAL ,Chris Kyle was just the average die hard Texan. He aspired to become a cowboy, but it wasn’t working out in his favor. After seeing the horrors of terrorism on 9/11 he was ready to fight for his country and enlisted into the military. He goes on to fight in four tours and becomes the deadliest sniper in American history. After each tour, he felt that he had to go back. He had two goals that he couldn’t give up on; protecting his team and taking out the deadliest enemy sniper, Mustafa. Chris would not stop until he achieved his goals, when he finally did, he faced a new battle. He struggled with normal daily life, but even then he persevered and found a new passion to aid him. Throughout this film, Clint Eastwood portrays the theme of perseverance through the use of setting, camera angles, and the main character Chris Kyle. American Sniper is a film that revolves around the life of a Navy SEAL sniper named Chris Kyle. Chris grew up in an old fashioned southern family and grew up trying to start his career as a cowboy. After 9/11 that was the last straw for him, so he decided to become a Navy SEAL. During his training he meets a girl at a bar, at the time it didn’t seem too serious to either of them until they end up getting married. Soon after the wedding Chris was to leave on his first tour to Afghanistan. Slowly, Chris started to become a “legend” on the battlefield; all of the foot soldiers wanted him as their sniper because of how good he was at
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