Analysis Of The Movie ' American Sniper '

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“I’m willing to meet my creator and answer for every shot that I took…” ( Kyle, in the movie American Sniper, says these exact words for a reason. Just like how Kyle had a specific reason for the words he said, Matt Taibbi, who wrote American Sniper Is Almost Too Dumb To Criticize, had a reason why he structured and presented the article the way he did; he has answers within the words to explain why he wrote what he did for the most likely audience of Rolling Stone. Not only does Taibbi present his information in a specific way, he acknowledges the expectations for the readers of Rolling Stone. Although Taibbi’s article is bias to some extent, is composed of inappropriate grammar at times and presents various sections where he uses emotional appeals which hurts him, Taibbi does do a brilliant job to some extent in presenting the article to the most likely reader of Rolling Stone, an antagonistic, audience’s attention and trust by using logical arguments and developing credibility through various ways which the reader can relate to. is a website where viewers go on to look at movie reviews, music reviews, and pop culture. On a daily basis, the most likely audience that would go onto and look at movie reviews are the people who watched the movie and liked it a lot, but want to experience a negative review that will upset them. On the other hand, the opposite is also true where American Sniper is the number one movie right now
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