Analysis Of The Movie ' An Unfinished Life '

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After enduring a string of abusive relationships, Jean arrives unannounced at her estranged father-in-law 's ranch in Wyoming, with her daughter Griff. Griff 's father and Jean 's late husband died years ago in a fatal car crash while Jean was behind the wheel. Her father-in-law, Einar, has never gotten over it and still blames Jean for his son 's death. Einar lives on the ranch with his business partner, Mitch, who was mauled by a bear one night when Einar was drunk. This film reflects on forgiveness and rebirth, as family members work through their problems related to various communication and relationship theories. The main characters in the film are interdependent with each other, often times seen interfering with one another in terms of conflict resolution. This paper will analyze how the main characters cooperate to keep the conflict in motion throughout the film An Unfinished Life through the use of systematic collection of information about the dynamics of conflict resolution (Conflict Assessment, n.d.). Hocker and Wilmont explore the factors that contribute to interpersonal conflict, with attention to the communication behavior of the conflicting participants. They once summarized, “If we do what we have always done, we will keep getting the same results we have always gotten-results that keep us mired in the same patterns” (Interpersonal Conflict, n.d.). In the beginning of the film, the audience sees Jean in a cycle of abusive relationships with men,…

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