Analysis Of The Movie ' Ashanti Walked Into Cash N '

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Ashanti walked into Cash N’ Carry letting her eyes adjust to light again after being in the dark for so long. When they were adjusted she took a look around the store before heading to the front counter where her supplier waited patiently. She was a regular whenever she was in the neighborhood so he treated her special because she was always loyal to his services by bringing in other customers. “Wassup, D.” He nodded his head a little to her as she stepped up to the counter. “You want the usual, right?” She gave him the go and he signaled to give him a minute. She thought it was sad that he still felt like he needed to test her by leaving her with his cash register unattended, just to see if she’ll betray him on not; which was unneeded after four years of dealing with her. She still waited patiently even though she didn’t have any more patiences left to waste freely. It was a good ten minutes before D came back with her usual, a dub. “ That’ll be it right?- “Yeah, that’s it man now give her her shit.” Dominic sternly ordered as he handed D a twenty and dismissed him away from them once Dominic confiscated the weed. “Now why the fuck you not at the party and out here?” His breath was short and sharp as he tighten his jaws, daring her to say something smart. “I was- “I don’t care what the fuck you was doing cuz’ you shouldn’t have been doing it! Now get in the damn car and wait in it- don’t go no fucking where and don’t touch nothin!” He grabbed her…
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