Analysis Of The Movie ' Ava '

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Ava had found herself in more than a few situations that had left her cheeks bright red with embarrassment and shame, but this topped all of them by far. It was bad enough that her bronzed, nubile body was marred by the grime and dirt that seemed to infest every spot upon the floor of the locker room. In fact, it was bad enough that her rival, who had just beat and humiliated her in front of an audience, was now being pleased by Ava’s tongue. However, the worst part of it all, as she lay there with her tongue ‘tween Aida’s folds and her breasts being toyed with like they were stress balls, was that she was enjoying it. Despite just how terrible and messed up all of it was, Ava couldn’t help but feel her arousal growing by the minute. Her…show more content…
What she had not really counted on was the extensive experience of her opponent, which was not wholly known to her, or simply just how easy her plan was to decipher. So, instead of really resisting her opponent, all Ava was doing was playing exactly into the Valkyrie’s hands. And it was to this end that when Aida began to hurl obscenities and threats like alms to a beggar, she quickened her pace. If everything went according to plan, Aida would flow between orgasms until the entire experience began to hurt and exhaust rather than pleasure. Aida moaned out as she began to finish once more, her whole body twitching and writhing against the admittedly talented tongue of the girl below her. It was always somewhat astonishing to her just how easy it was to use her conquered foes. She played them like a fiddle, and Ava was no different. The dumb brunette was, as her phone displayed, just another in a long line girls who had been reduced to unabashed sluts. The whole idea reminded Aida that one picture of her foe’s humiliation was hardly enough to remind her of just how complete the process had been. As she teetered over the edge of her second orgasm she grabbed a fistful of her conquered foe’s hair, pulling her back just enough to encapsulate her mouth as she commanded “Smile!” before snapping a picture and returning Ava to her place. Looking at the photo, she was pleased at how easily Ava had given in, a wide grin on the
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