Analysis Of The Movie ' Bella '

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Sarah got Bella 's text and went down stairs to let her in for their sleepover. They went up to Sarah 's bedroom. "So is there any boys you have a crush on Bella?" Asked Sarah giggling. Bella nervously responded, "well there is this one guy, Nathan, but I could never ask him out." "Yeah he 's pretty cute." "Watch it" "Haha" The girls watch a movie and go to bed. In the morning Bella leaves to go home. Later Bella texts Sarah asking her if she wants to see the outdoor movie at 8 in the park. Sarah agrees but she will have to meet them their. Bella also invites her friend Emma. Bella goes in while Emma is getting candy from the small stand. Bella sees Sarah and Nathan at the snack stand together. Bella wonders how her best friend could betray her like that, with the guy she liked. Bella stormed away from the movie. Bella ran to the bridge over looking the beach where she goes to when she needs to be alone. While Sarah was chasing after her, Bella tripped and fell into the water. Sarah heard Bella hit the water. She started to cry as she sees the rough waves consume Bella. Sarah stays at the cliff for hours mourning over the death of her best friend and can 't help but think it 's her fault. Bella is pulled under the waves, her vision goes black. She feels something around her waist pulling her upward but her vision is still black. Bella is dragged to shore. She wakes up and starts coughing up bloody water and sand. She sees a figure in the distance coming closer
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