Analysis Of The Movie ' Bellevue Inside Out ' Essay

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I. Introduction Bellevue Inside Out is a documentary filmed at the public psychiatric ward in New York. There are several different individuals who are patients admitted either through their own will or against their will. Cases range from a man who was studying psychology in graduate school to substance abuse problems, to a woman struggling with chronic schizophrenia. Every case is different, but they are all treated with medication; sometimes over-medication. Treatment options do not include long-term care or therapy. The film’s key subject throughout the film was how all of the patients had led sane lives up until the point in which they suffered a mental health crisis. After their crises, they were not able to get out of the system. Their cries, pleas, and screams were not always heard. Many were simply treated with medication forcing them to be permanently institutionalized. I believe that the film’s overall purpose was to increase awareness on the difficulties of treating mental illnesses, not just for the patients, but also for everyone involved. It shows the chaos of the emergency room as patient, physicians, and psychiatrists struggle with mental illness. The film relates to the course material, because it depicts individuals experiencing real life crises. The definition provided in the course defines a crisis not as an illness. Through this film, it appears the crises were seen as mental illnesses. We all value our freedom and when we lose a sense of freedom, it

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