Analysis Of The Movie ' Big Donnie '

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She stood for a long time over the body as she had staged it. Big Donnie. Father. Dead. There was much cleaning and moving things around. The police would be able to tell that Donnie was drunk. With his long line of enemies, a story about a man breaking a bottle over his face and choking him with a rope wouldn’t be too far-fetched at all For her part, Angela barely registered any guilt at all. She also wouldn’t allow herself to feel joy just yet at her father’s departure. Everything was still being processed in her head, and Angela was just fine with that. It was outlandish and wonderful at the same time. No more drunken nights with him touching her. No more worrying about him with Lillian. No more raping the babysitter and aborting her baby in the middle of the night just because he was a drunken, monstrous piece of shit. No more Father. There were no tears as Angie went up the stairs and gently shook Lillian awake after calling 911. The young girl was bleary-eyed and confused at being woken up. Angela brought her downstairs and cuddled with her on the couch until the police came. All she would tell her young sister was that Father was in an accident. Lil had many questions, but not as many as the police did when they arrived. They searched the basement and the premises, but no one questioned the validity of Angie’s story. Why would they doubt the words of an innocent ten-year-old girl? She told them of being thirsty and coming down the stairs. About hearing raised

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