Analysis Of The Movie ' Black Fish '

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Black Fish

Black Fish is a documentary film about a famous and well known corporation called SeaWorld, corporations like SeaWorld have impacts towards culture, people and business. There are few corporations like SeaWorld in the entertainment/amusement park industry that are profitable, such as Disney and Six Flags, who make millions to billions of dollars every year. People love entertainment and are willing to spend lots of money to acquire it; this is why entrepreneurs who developed these different forms of entertainment are successful. Black Fish is an evidence revealing documentary that breaks down the flaws and issues associated with SeaWorld. The work and success of the filmmakers are well acknowledged, impressive and can relate to a cultural theory stand point.
SeaWorld is one of the most successful entertainment theme parks in the world due to the impacts they have on communities, jobs, people, and animals. The behind scene actions, court involvements, false information, and unreasonable animal care reveal the dark side of the corporation which is in conflict SeaWorld’s mission. The founders of SeaWorld are George Millay, Milt Shedds, Norris Kenneth and David DeMott. Their first opening was in 1964 according to Business Wire, at the first and original SeaWorld location in San Diego, California. It took $1.5 million, including 21 acres, 45 employees and of course, sea animals to get this business fully functional. The present SeaWorld concept came

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