Analysis Of The Movie ' Blue Is The Warmest Color '

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“Blue is the Warmest Color” is one of the best films in my heart. I chose this film because it tells a special lesbian story and the story affected by society class a lot. Young love is always fresh and full of curiosity and this story is full of non-normative sexuality. There are two main female characters Adele is more likely a simple traditional girl, she studies literature, thanks to the school education. Parental authority and constraints never get off her life. Her sexuality identity is normal. She dresses herself pretty, has a good family, lots of friends, even a vague relationship with a guy. girls encourage her explores this relationship. speculation about the sex made the adolescent girl want to try. But it seems not enough. She tries to have sex, but failed. At first she was afraid of attracting to Emma because of her family, her anti-gay friends or her school’s pressure. The same time, she can’t stop been curious about Emma. This attraction is almost same as hormone that between men and women. Then, Adele and Emma, they find each other, and fall in love, make love. In the end, Adele did not go with anyone. She doesn 't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. But I still see hope. I don 't think Adele was born to be a lesbian. Or she 'll always be a lesbian or bisexual. Like that queer theory, sexual orientation is diversified, and is not immutable. She just need to find someone she loved. I 'm not an expert or a strong interest in gay, lesbian or their feelings. Before

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