Analysis Of The Movie ' Booker '

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Booker, 18, was out job searching, trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. He kept trying to find a job to help out his mom since she was getting old and sick. Booker’s father was one of the 900 dead in the First Battle of Bull Run. His older brothers were out already fighting in the war and were sending money to their own wives. But Booker never liked violence. He was a pacifist. Everywhere he kept hearing to just join the army, go to war, that’s what all his friends did. But after weeks of not being able to find work, he was forced into the war due to the draft. Booker never left New York in his life; it was his home. Booker had no choice but to go to war; his mother needed money and he didn’t have the money to get out…show more content…
The journey took weeks and food was running short along with water. All the men were getting tired of the constant marching, the gear was getting heavy, and the hot sun wasn’t helping them at all. To Booker’s surprise, some of the men already went down due to these terrible living conditions. They finally met with the confederates in the Henrico County, Virginia for the Battle of Fair Oaks. Booker went to take a position secluded from as many people as he can, hoping that he wouldn’t have to kill anyone. He was up on a slightly elevated part behind a few trees laying down, watching as the men got closer to each other. Finally after they reached a position close enough to each other, the battle began. Booker couldn’t believe how loud it was. He turned away and heard the screams of men getting shot. He heard the artillery being fired and crashing down on a group of soldiers. He didn’t know what to do. Booker never wanted to fire his gun. Eventually he looked back through the rifle and saw a bullet fly into one of his fellow soldier’s head; the bullet entered the man’s head and was stuck there. Booker saw the pieces of the man’s skull flying through the air, blood running down his head, Booker even heard his screams. Booker threw up immediately afterwards. Eventually Booker finally was able to look through the sniper scope again. He saw hundreds lying there, dead. Some were lying and screaming for help. He saw medicals group rushing
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