Analysis Of The Movie ' Boy '

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Year 11 English: AS 90854 (1.10) Form personal response to independently read texts, supported by evidence.

Reading Response 4
Title: Boy
Director: Taika Waititi
Text Type: Film

A character that I liked while watching the film was Boy. For an 11 year-old boy, Boy has a fantastic imagination and is always optimistic. From what we see in the movie, Boy has had a difficult life but only when it comes to his parents. Other than that his life is all right. In some ways I can relate to Boy because his father doesn’t live with him and neither does mine, but he is always optimistic that his father will come back and see him. Boy lives with is grandmother and 5 other kids. When his grandmother goes away to a funeral, Boy becomes in charge of the house and everyone inside it, every night he cooks them meals and puts them to bed. I find this quite admirable of Boy because he doesn’t have to do it if he doesn’t want to, but it is his responsibility so he does it. Also when his father arrives home with his two friends, Boy does the polite thing and offers them a cup of tea, “would you fellas like a cuppa tea?” This shows that even for a young age Boy is already quite grown up and knows how to treat company. I admire Boy because later on in the film, the father does something that hurts Boy a lot and then for Rocky’s sake, who is Boy’s younger brother, he forgives his father because Rocky still thinks that his father is cool, even if Boy doesn’t and Boy doesn’t want to ruin that for
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