Analysis Of The Movie ' Boyz N ' The Hood '

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Boyz N the Hood draws on many topics we talk about in class. Most of the kids in the movie were from broken homes (only one biological parent present) and lived in poor living conditions. Even though that was the case some of the kids prospered more than the others and were able to not get involved in gangs, drugs, or violence despite being in a poor environment where they were forced to live. In addition, some was able to continue their education and eventually get out of the environment, but some could not make it out and died in the poor environment. This movie is a great illustration of juvenile delinquency because it shows how living in a broken home, in a poor environment shapes young boys. In the paragraphs below, I will be showing…show more content…
Delinquent behavior is more likely to happen if it is frequently reinforced and infrequently punished, results in large amounts of reinforcement and little punishment or is more likely to be reinforced than alternative behaviors. Tre in the beginning of the movie was influenced by violence right outside of his house, the people beat up someone while they were gambling. Things like this he learned and he solved his problems by fighting. Since his dad was the disciplinary parent, Tre could learn how to become discipline and be different than the other people in his neighborhood. Tre’s dad was the positive reinforcement, which shaped Tre to become successful and get out of the poor neighborhood. Tre’s dad had him do chores in the house and rake the leaves, before going out with his friends teaching him to do his responsibilities before anything else. Making him have a curfew and a bed time decreases the likelihood of being delinquent because he cannot stay out past a certain time. His dad believed that if he discipline Tre, then he would not end up dead or on the streets like some of his friends. Even though he was influenced mostly by his dad, he did have negative influences. When he is around his friends, he tries to act tough. At Doughboy’s welcome home party, his girlfriend was asking why he hasn’t called her and he
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