Analysis Of The Movie ' Braveheart ' By William Wallace

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If people hear the name William Wallace, they might think of the Mel Gibson movie, “Braveheart”. As that is a great movie, it’s not nearly the full story of William Wallace. Therefore, a hunt for the truth of the real the story was underway. William Wallace was born in 1270’s in Scotland, but not much is known about his childhood but that he lived with his father, Sir Malcom Wallace, on a small piece of land in Scotland. (BBC) and (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica) This is dock number one on the movie. Although some may say, “Shame on you Hollywood, for making up the childhood of this remarkable history hero”, At the time of Wallace’s childhood, Scotland was starting its decline into succession when it was taken over by England. Therefore, the stories could, in fact, be true, although no evidence proves it. As Wallace grew up he learned how to fight battles logically, which overtime made him grow very respected with the men he met. He was taught to think before he would speak. He was a natural born leader and would hold his position firmly. This led to battles won where he had very few men, but a very passionate and trusting crew because Wallace was their leader. In 1296, the king of England, Edward I, took advantage of the succession in Scotland and declared himself as ruler of Scotland with English administration. Only a few revolts had taken place when sheriffs were subject to different areas of Scotland, and even fewer were successful. So far it seems as though

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