Analysis Of The Movie ' Breaking Bad '

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In the crime-drama television series, “Breaking Bad” we follow see the inner struggle of good and evil within the main character throughout the entire series to the point where we question which side of his personality we are witnessing. We see Walter White as a mild mannered and respectful chemistry teacher who also works at a car wash to help provide for his family just like the typical family man. Walter has a teenage son who has multiple sclerosis, and a wife who is pregnant with their second child. After learning that he has been diagnosed with Stage IIIA lung cancer, Walter decides quickly that he has to secure funds to help pay for his treatments, and also take care of his family after his death. This decision would spark definite change in his lifestyle, relationships, personality, and appearance. The result of this change would create the person we know so well, Heisenberg. Heisenberg is the ruthless, power hungry individual that will do anything possible to make sure that nothing gets in the way of his money, drug business, and security of himself or his family. In this paper we will discuss how certain events make Walter White progressively become darker throughout the series of “Breaking Bad” to the point where he becomes Heisenberg, as well as comparing him to different characters of TV shows on television today.
There are many events that helped expedite Walter White’s transition from the quiet chemistry teacher to the vengeful crystal meth kingpin, but
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