Analysis Of The Movie ' Breakup '

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The Cheater “Breakup” is a common word in a relationship. It has the opposite feeling with the word “love you”. In addition, “breakup” means the end of love, or want to give a love to someone else. When a couple feels bored, loss, and disrespect, they will find many reasons to move on.“Breakup” is very painful. Similarly, cheating is an excused to breakup, but this can lead to bad long-term consequences. My story began when I was a Sophomore in Independence High School. At the Independence High, I had a lot Vietnamese friends. However, whenever on lunch, I just hanged out with Chi and Hue because I did not like crowds. In the same year, I met Trinh, who is friendly, humor, and cute. I met her in my English class. Since Trinh did not know…show more content…
Overall, the first day class was so amazing. I felt so happy to know him. In the same night, when I checked my facebook on my bed, I saw a request friend from him. I was so excited, so I jumped out of my bed by accident. I was so silly. After that day, we talked and texted more to each other. We talked about our hobbies, favorites, and daily story. Day by day, he walked me to class, waited the bus, did history worksheet, and stay up late to talk with me. I laughed a lots, whenever he was by my side. For these reasons, I liked him without knowing. On the first week of September, he waited for me in front of the art building, so we could walk to bus station together. When I came so close, he hold my hand, and confessed to me. I was little shy, and glad to listen to his thought about me. We was so lucky because we belonged to each other. All my friends and his friends said we were really cute couple. I introduced him to my friends, and it included Trinh. They became friend on facebook afterwhile. From that time, she asked me a lots questions about our relationship, especially about him, but at the moment, I did not recognize her plan. I always believed in her because we was like sister. After a month and half in relationship, he began to change. He did not have time to talk to me anymore. Every time, I wanted to talk, he always replied: “I am really busy. I don’t know why the teacher gives my class a lots homeworks, so I don’t have time right now. I am sorry.”
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