Analysis Of The Movie ' Breakup '

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The Cheater
“Breakup” is a common word in a relationship. It has the opposite feeling with the word “love you”. In addition, “breakup” means the end of love, or want to give a love to someone else. When a couple feels bored, loss, and disrespect, they will find many reasons to move on.“Breakup” is very painful. Similarly, cheating is an excused to breakup, but this can lead to bad long-term consequences.
My story began when I was a Sophomore in Independence High School. At the Independence High, I had a lot Vietnamese friends. However, whenever on lunch, I just hanged out with Chi and Hue because I did not like crowds. In the same year, I met Trinh, who is friendly, humor, and cute. I met her in my English class. Since Trinh did not know anyone in school, I introduced her to my group. I seem her as my little sister, so every time, she feels lonely, disappoint, or sad, I am always there for her, but she betrayed me.
I met my ex-boyfriend in the World History class. He was a small and short Vietnamese guy, besides, he had a bright smile, sweet voice and good looking. On the first day in class, he was very shy to introduce himself to the class, but I thought his action was so attractive. After the introduction of each student, my professor put the students into partner to read chapter one and did the first worksheet. I was so lucky because I became his partner. During the work time, I caught his sight. We began to ask each other a lot questions, but these did not relate to…
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