Analysis Of The Movie ' Brigadier John Clayton Headed '

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Brigadier John Clayton headed by Humvee to Colonel Lambert’s Command Post, located a mile north west of the capital. There was no way John was heading into Indian Country without some help; he felt he could count on Colonel Lambert of the 3rd Infantry Regiment for help. It was a thirty minute drive from the White House to the CP, Colonel Lambert had no idea that the General was coming, so when he pulled up and entered the CP, he was surprised to see him. The two men over the past several weeks had become friends, mutual respect for their military accomplishments and how they perceived the country. General Clayton entered the CP; a loud “ATTEN-hut!” was heard. Everyone in the CP jumped to attention, John quickly called out, “As you…show more content…
“Seems pretty serious, I’m sure there’s more to it?” Colonel Lambert stated. “It seems that the Joint Chiefs are keeping secrets from the President.” General Clayton replied. “To what end?” “We don’t know, I think the President is going to try and smoke out the reason while I’m out of town.” Colonel Lambert looked at the General, “Alright, what can I do for you? I’m sure you’re not visiting to check on my health.” The Colonel said while smiling. “I’m heading over to General Lane and from there toward Fredericks. I need help.” “I’m sorry John, but we don’t have a therapist here.” “Funny Johnny, you know what I mean. I need an escort, I don’t foresee any issues getting to General Lane, but I’m expecting trouble heading toward Fredericks from there.” “Why not leave the 82nd to take up the security and take the Marines with you?” “I hadn’t considered that, but I don’t know that I have the authority to order the Marines to escort me to Fredericks.” “Talk to Lane about it, that’s the great thing about Marines, they’re always looking for a fight. I’ll bet my eagle that they don’t want to sit around pulling security. I can give you a Platoon to get you to them if that’s what you need.” General Clayton sat there for a moment, he knew his orders were fairly broad from the President, and Johnny was making a good argument. “Yes the Platoon is good and I’ll talk to Lane about it, the Marine escort would solve a lot of problems. When can I have the Platoon?”
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