Analysis Of The Movie ' Brokeback Mountain '

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Brokeback Mountain is a film that describes a tragedy surrounding forbidden love. The love is between two men, Ennis and Jack and the setting is Wyoming for twenty years from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. This was a time of conservative values that looked at homosexuality in a negative light. These values caused Ennis and Jack to create a life that was what was expected in spite of what they wanted. From this came a great deal of frustration and pain for the two men, their wives, and families. The movie also related to a common issue of today’s society and that is the continued discrimination of the LGBT community. There are signs of change in modern society, but also much needed work to be done to allow an individual to live a life with freedom to express their sexuality. When the viewer looks at the film from a sociological perspective, the issue of societal norms is seen and the abnormal relationship in a homosexual relationship is the focus. When you think of the western part of the United States, the wild west comes to mind. Settlers moving across our country during the 1800’s to start a new life and look for adventure. With that comes the roles of the men and women who were involved in the movement. Men were considered “real men”, that were in charge of their lives, law, women, and the land. These men conquered all that was put in front of them and never backed away from what was put in front of them. Their sexuality was seen as a dominate male who loved and
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