Analysis Of The Movie ' Cathedral '

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Diana Vences
English 111
Charles Grogg
September 21, 2016
Short stories for the most part conclude with a complicated idea that most of the time it is up to the reader to figure out. To figure out the deeper meaning. Reading between the lines. Assume the worst or best for this main character. And the goal for the author is of course for the reader to take this underlying message and apply it to their own life. To take is into consideration. The most influenced and persuaded open minded victims at times are youngins. Student in academic culture, trying to learn to better their lives, we welcome those who leave an impression on us to learn from them.He is limiting himself to what he can do he is not caring enough to search or accept motivation around him that he spends his nights drinking and smoking as his wife says he has no friends. The only reason that he was talking to robert while his wife was asleep seems to be because he was either simply under the influence. The closing of the eyes relating to the communion in a cathedral as people kneel put their hands together and pray to a greater existence. Through his story he presents himself as cynical toward his wife and the blindman as the night continues and considers his conversation with robert on cathedrals. The narrator tells about his wife 's past working for a blind man named Robert ten years ago and speaks of their close friendship. He shares of how Robert wanted to feel her face and neck, an intimate…
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