Analysis Of The Movie ' Chicago '

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The film, Chicago, revolves around the idea that American judicial system is merely one big show. It is not about seeking the truth and serving justice to the wronged; it is about appealing to the jury and presenting only the most favorable, beneficial facts. Roxie Hart is a wannabe jazz superstar, who does not mind sleeping her way to the top. Discontent with her lifestyle and boresome marriage, she enters into an illicit affair with Fred Casely. He promises her connections in the entertainment industry. However, as it turns out, her lover was lying and, plot twist, the man only wanted her for body. Infuriated by this, Roxie shoots him dead in a heat of passion. The rest of the film musical follows Roxie’s murder trial and provides an interesting view on the court system. The majority of the musical sequences consists of alternating between scenes of reality and the same scenario as spectacular stage performance. Several songs in the film depict the idea that legal system is faulty and self-serving. Roxie Hart hires Billy Flynn, an exceptional defense lawyer who is also representing jazz sensation, Velma Kelly. The song “We Both Reached for the Gun” is musical number illustrating Roxie’s feeling during her press conference. The song begins with Roxie perched on Flynn’s lap as a marionette doll. Every time Roxie is asked a question, Flynn answers for her as her puppeteer. He describes her as a wealthy, innocent woman who got dragged into the world of “jazz and liquor.”
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